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Kings and Queens Rule Together Takes Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo Email 

Hello all! 

First of all, I am both flattered and grateful that you have joined this annual friends ride and you have once again expanded our circle of friends. My crew works very hard to deliver the best event we can, and we are all very grateful for the support. We are happy to be back doing what we love and I hope this ride brings you the joy it brings us.

Some of the information you will need for the ride is below. There will be a final email that will come out one week before the ride but I want you to have some of this information at your fingertips as you make preparations for the ride.

We are going to do this! 

As always, If you are sick, stay home. If you are not quite sure if you are sick, stay home. If you refuse to follow basic safety guidelines, stay home.

Please read all of these instructions. They will help you on the ride weekend and will help you prepare for the ride. 

Waiver: We will have paper waivers for you to sign on Saturday 4/22 or before we shove off for the ride on Sunday 4/23

Number Plates: This year we are using number plates for all of the riders. We will use these numbers to keep track of you on course. Please make sure they are visible when you get to rest stops. They are designed to be attached to your bars or your bar bag.


10am - 6pm NEPA Outdoors & Arts Festival

Pittston Tomato Festival Lot 7 Spring St, Pittston, PA

We are partnering with The Downtown Pittston Partnership to bring the NEPA Outdoors & Arts Festival to you this year. This event will bring cycling folks like Trek, SRAM, Wahoo, RELoad bags, and others together with some outdoors focused vendors and non profits from NEPA as well as artists and artisans from around the region. We have everything from Jewlery to cigar box guitars represented! There will be discounts available at our wonderful Main St restaurants, bars, and retail spaces. Come check this great event out and learn why we love Pittston so much. Parking is located throughout town. There are plenty of free parking spots available.

10am - 6pm Rider check in.   

James Zarra Building 7 Spring St, Pittston, PA

Come to the James Zarra building at the Tomato festival lot to sign your waiver, pick up your swag bag, and any merch you ordered. We will also be at this building on Sunday morning for packet pick up if you are not in town Saturday. If you want a drop bag brought to the SRAM taco stop, you can grab a gallon bag, fill it, write your name on it and drop it in our collection box. 


11:30am-2pm LLWH Shakout Rides 

Pittston Tomato Festival Lot 7 Spring St, Pittston, PA

There are going to be two shakout rides from downtown Pittston on Saturday to give you a little flavor of the ride and the region. 


-11:30 meet up Zarra Building 12:00 roll out. 21 miles. 1079 ft. of elevation 12-14 MPH pace KRT/QRT Snack stop shakout ride. Roll with the KRT/QRT Crew along the Susquehanna river into Kingston on the Pittston Rail Trail and the Luzerne County Levy to a stop in Edwardsville for some healthy snacks then up to the Back Mountain Trail and then down 8th st. to get back to the tomato festival lot. 

-1:30 meet up Zarra Building 2pm Roll Out. Single Track, WaterFall Shake Out Ride

27.2 miles 1450 ft of elevation 12-14 MPH pace. Check out the first section of single track then ride out to the first gravel section before we return on a section of gravel that has never been on Lu Lacka. 12-14 MPH pace


6pm - 9pm SRAM Pre-ride Party

Rikasa on Main 53 S Main St, Pittston, PA 

We want to celebrate with all of our friends who are in town for the 10th Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo! SRAM is throwing a party for all of us at Rikasa on Main in Pittston. SRAM will be giving out some great prizes that night and there is a delicious menu of food prepared just for you to enjoy. There are also a few surprises for that night that we are still working out. Come out to have a good time!



7am-9:30am Rider Check-in 

James Zarra Building 7 Spring St, Pittston, PA

If you did not check in on Saturday, and you still need to check in for the ride, you can grab your registration goodies before you head out for the ride. 


8am-10:30am Leave for your ride: You can leave anytime after 8am but plan to be back by 7pm or earlier. The rest stops will not be open all day, so plan your nutrition and pace accordingly. More on that below.

There will not be a pre ride meeting or a mass rollout, so go when you would like. Keep an eye on the painted yellow arrows. They will guide your way. If you use a GPS and want to download the courses, click here


The raffle for any prizes will be picked as you are out on your ride. We will have stuff displayed on Saturday and Sunday so you can enter to win then, and pick up anything you won when you get back from your ride. 


Take care of yourself on the ride:    

The rest stops will be stocked with water, Hammer nutrition goodies, trail mix, gummy bears, and bananas. Please be generous to the rider behind you and do not overload on the food. There will be plenty, but you don’t need to bring some home.


There is a water stop in the range of mile 15-19 for the 40/metric/75 which is around mile 23 for the 100 mile riders. This is simply a water stop set up by the family of one very generous rider. You do not need to check in there. Keep riding if you don't need the water, but give them a howdy! as you roll by.


The first rest stop for all but the 40 mile riders will be at the Lake Winola Little League. This stop will be open by 10:30 and will close around 1. The Lake Winola Little League is the first stop around mile 40 for the 100 mile riders. Mile 28 for the metric and mile 32 for the 75 mile riders. Every rider will go through this stop so it is a good chance to check on friends and family here.  


The SRAM Taco Stop will open by 12:15 and will close around 3pm. We will have the fixins for carnivores through vegans, so grab some real food and give thanks to SRAM for supporting grassroots bike rides.  You can send a drop bag here. Get a gallon drop bag at registration. This is stop for the metric, 75 and 100 mile riders 



Harvey’s Lake will open by 1:30 and close around 3:30 Harvey's Lake Church is only on the 100 mile route. 100 mile riders will get there around mile 75 or so.


Frances Slocum State Park will open around 2:15 and close around 6 depending on our riders pace. Frances Slocum State Park rest stop is at mile 86 for the 100 mile riders and at mile 65ish for the 75 mile riders. Although it is near the end and you think you could make it back, many riders have said that the last stop saved their day.

There is also a rest stop thrown by fans of cycling (our local trail alliance) out there somewhere. They said they will outdo last year's stop. I am excited to see where they post up and what they are going to bring. You do not need to check in there, but please check it out and give them some love. 


Finish the ride: When you get back to Downtown Pittston, our volunteers will greet you. You will then get a meal ticket for pizza and beer that you can enjoy under our tent, on the tailgate style at your car or on various benches in town. Bring a camp chair and hang out for a while.  We love to have all of you and hear all of the stories of the day, so stick around and share with us. There is plenty of space to spin some tales with a small group all over the grounds in town. 

Thanks to our sponsors: Please support these companies that give back to the cycling community. Trek Bicycle Company, R.E. Load Bags, Industry Nine, Nittany Mountain Works, Wahoo Fitness, Hammer Nutrition, and Falls Creek Outfitters

And you thought I forgot the route maps!  This is what you came here for…Go to the route page
These are on RidewithGPS You could download the route to your fancy riding computer from there, but I can’t troubleshoot your GPS.


If you want a cue sheet, print one from the ride with gps site. The course has painted arrows and directional signs at all of the turns so you should not have an opportunity to get lost. 

You are awesome. Thanks for choosing to spend your time with us.

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