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KRT & QRT | Cycle Ghana: Nzulenzu - Makola - Peki

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

KRT - QRT - Gladiators Cycling Club - The Bahati Foundation - Burkanafaso Cycling Club

Akwaaba means welcome in Twi, a language spoken by the Akan tribe of Ghana. We were welcomed with open arms to the Nzulenzu (or Nzulezo) Village, also known as the Village on

Stilts. The village is roughly 25 minutes away from land, by boat, and it sits on the Amansuri Lake. Our boat ride to visit the small but mighty community was quite the experience and full of astonishing views.

Upon our arrival, our tour guides began to describe the daily lives of people living in the Nzulenzu Village. Some interesting take aways from their discussions were:

  • Nzulenzu means surface of water.

  • The Nzulenzu Stilt Village is located near the border of Ivory Coast and roughly 510 people live in the community.

  • The community is extremely self-sufficient & close-knit and craime

  • The village was built on stilts to protect themselves from future invasions & to maintain their independence from invading tribes.

  • There is 1 church, 1 school, 1 bar and 1 community center.

Learning about the people, the structural development of the village and its history was a memorable experience. Our fondest memory of Nzulenzu are the people, the community and how welcoming everyone was.


📍 Makola Market: Shopping District of Accra

We also visited the world-renowned, Makola Market, to take in more of the Ghanian culture and to purchase some of their handcrafted goods that were available for sale. This fast-paced, all-you-can-buy destination is filled with people from sun up to sun down. Foods, herbs, all natural shea butters and soaps, jewelry, fabrics, etc. This is your one-stop shop for all of your wants and needs!

📍Accra - Akosombo - Peki

Next up, the Village of Peki! Safely led by the cyclists of the Gladiators Cycling Club, we cycled 85-miles from Accra to Peki to sightsee & enjoy a day of celebration. During our first rest stop, we visited the Shai Hills Resource Reserve where we were eagerly greeted by baboons.

Next, we met with the chief, queen and other high officials of the Village of Peki at Peki Senior High School. Together, they welcomed us to their village with an offering of a delicious meal packed with spices, flavorful meats, soups, grains and drinks.

After feasting, the welcoming ceremonies continued! A packed house of cheerful high school students performed a ceremonial dance dressed in traditional Ghanaian attire. The experience was profound and these young adults moved with such passion and enthusiasm!

After the ceremony, selected students were provided with bicycles to transport themselves to and from school.

Right now, we’re cycling through memory lane & this was, by far, one of the most memorable experiences during our time in Ghana.

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