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2023 Royal End of Season Celebration Party (Tri-State)

Updated: Jan 2

This year, our community accomplished very extraordinary things. For some, this was a year of many firsts and for others, this year served as a constant reminder to continue doing what fuels them mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Despite where one falls on the spectrum, one thing we all agreed on was how important it was/is to be apart of a genuinely supportive community. We couldn’t think of a better way to end the year than to bring it in with the very people who have contributed to the success of this club thus far!


On Friday, we ended the season in fellowship as we celebrated the hard work and dedication of our members in the New Jersey / New York / Delaware / Pennsylvania areas. We feasted, mingled and honored those who have dedicated their time to helping the club further our mission. We were also able to raise monetary donations to help further our 2024 initiative through our nonprofit, KRT Cares - tipping hat thank you for your contributions!

  • Cyclist of The Year: Lennox "Oxx" Halstead & Jenna M Foley

  • Game Changer of The Year: Mikaela Martin and Michael "IronMike" Murray

  • Most Improved Cyclist: Stefan Ruff

  • Rookies of the Year: Gabriella Fioravanti & Eugene "Stretch" Brown

  • Most Club Spirit of The Year: Leo Quisumbing & Sannah Crawford

  • Ride Leader Recognition: Michael "IronMike" Murray, Rainey Backues, and Amira Kinlaw

On behalf of the KRT & QRT board, we thank you for rocking with, supporting us and trusting us to provide you with the ultimate experience of being a member of our diverse athletic community 👑💐

Photos By DreamR Media