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Gritty City Gravel Series With Trek Manayunk

Honestly, when’s the last time you smiled this much in the rain?


Gritty City Philly [n.] is truly about bringing all communities together to experience the hype and the excitement of gravel, organically.

This past Sunday, we turned up like we usually do but this time, we did things differently. During our collaboration with @trekbikes Manayunk, we provided our dirt-curious members with the latest bikes to see if they were really about that gravel life - and they were

A special thank you to our kinfolk, @readriderock,, and everyone apart of the @trekbikes Manayunk crew for collaborating with us to make this event possible for our community. A huge thank you goes to the Tri-state cycling community for joining us on this wild ride despite the wet and slippery weather conditions. We couldn’t have done it this big without you!

What’s next? We’re taking this baby on the road with Gritty City group ride #4. Our next group ride will be in Lehigh Valley, PA on Jan. 7th. For more details, click the link in our bio and come see what the hype’s about 💪🏾📈

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